At Lederiet.com, you will find a wide selection of furs and hides from various animals – everything from rabbits to zebras. Our furs and hides are both functional and beautiful, and only your imagination sets the limit for their usage and application.

Interior and décor

Our most popular furs and hides for home décor are without a doubt reindeer, cowhides, and lambskin. Particularly reindeer and lambskin ensure a nice comfort and a Nordic touch to your home, and they can easily be placed on the sofa or on an armchair to create a cosy vibe. Our cowhides are well-suited for furniture upholstery for chairs, daybeds, etc., but they can also be used for pillow covers, bags and much more. If you want to create a more extravagant and exotic aesthetic to your home, you could opt for zebra skin or printed cowhides.

Clothing and accessories

On our website, you will find a wide variety of furs and hides that are well-suited for clothing. With their long and smooth hairs, our rabbit furs ensure an amazing softness and comfort, and are particularly apt as trimmings on clothes, bags and as pompons. Another favourite for clothing is the soft double-faced sheepskin. Double-faced sheepskin is often used as lining for gloves, jackets, hats, and beanies, but can also be used as the shell material for jackets, if you want to make your own trendy teddy jacket, for instance. In addition to this, double-faced sheepskin is an excellent pram liner, due to it being a natural material and highly breathable. Sealskin and springbok skin are great choices if you wish to make your own bag. All seal and springbok skins have their own unique patterns and colour nuances. Sealskin is perfect for anything from jackets to mittens, wallets and bags, and its short and subtly shiny hairs ensure an immense elegance and an exclusive look. When making a bag made from springbok skin, the back typically gets placed at the top to create a small “mohawk”. The skin can also be used for home décor – for instance, on the back of a chair to accentuate the back of the animal. As trimmings for jackets and clothing, fox and racoon skin are great choices. Particularly fox skin is available in a wide variety of colours and different lengths of hair, depending on the type of fox, the skin stems from.