Knife production

Find all the materials and tools, you need to make your own knife at Whether you want to make kitchen knives, hunting and fishing knives or something completely different, you will find everything you need to create beautiful and unique knives.

Knife blades made from high quality

We have a wide selection of different blades. Among other things, we have knife blades made from Damascus steel, which consists of many thin layers of steel that ensure a beautiful, decorative look as well as a strong durability and hardiness. We also have Damascus blades from the AE-factory in Pakistan, where all blades are made with a minimum of 192 layers of steel. If you want a unique knife, you can choose from our selection of custom blades, where no blades are the same. Additionally, our selection offers a variety of full-tang blades, which are blades that continue down the handle to ensure additional stability and toughness. Ulo blades, which are often used in Inuit cultures made for cutting skin, are also available here on our website.

Tools for knife making

With tools for knife making, you can comfortably and easily make your own unique knives. We have files and rasps, so that you can make a handle that fits perfectly for you and your hand. Additionally, we have strong adhesives and oils made from a high quality that can be used for making knife handles. Different types of wax for handle polishing, buffing and polishing wheels with various finishing, as well as polishing compounds can be found here on our website.

Exclusive handles

Our wide variety of materials for handles includes stabilised wood, where holes and air has been vacuumed from the wood, and/or filled with plastic component, which ensures protection against humidity and moisture. Additionally, we have wood from all over the world that can be used for handles. Both wood types that are commonly known, such as oak, olive, walnut and ash, as well as more exotic wood types such as Bombay Blackwood, Thuja, Makamong and much more is available on our web shop. This ensures that you can create knives that are uniquely designed and made from exclusive materials. Additionally, we have alternative materials for knife handles, such as buffalo horn, camel bones, vegetable ivory and much more.