Everything for leather crafting

Everything for leather crafting

We have a wide selection of the high-quality materials and tools for your projects.

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DIY leather tutorials

DIY leather tutorials

Our guides show you, which materials and tools, you will be needing, as well as a step by step tutorial on how to make your next creative project.

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Find inspiration for your creative projects or advance your skills in leather crafting, leather sewing and knife making.

Welcome to Lederiet.com

We have been a supplier of leather, accessories and tools for creative people since 1975. Each day we do everything we can to support creative souls with products and professional advice. You can shop all our items here on our website - and from the 24th of January 2022, you can visit our large store in Hasselager, Denmark. 

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Get help and guidance by our experts in leather crafting


You are in safe hands, when shopping at Lederiet.com. Our experts in leather crafting and knife making are always ready to help and guide you with your purchase. If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to give us a call or to write us an email.

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Everything for leather crafting and home décor with leather

We have a wide selection of the high-quality materials and tools for your projects, as well as professional help and guidance.



Aesthetic DIYs

With products from Lederiet.com you can make the most beautiful creative projects for you and your home. You can create anything from home accessories to trendy shoulder bags made from leather. Inspiration for your projects can be found on our blog, where you get guided tutorials showing you how to carry out various creative projects. You can also find a wide selection of guide books on our webshop with ideas for your next project.

Tools and materials for your project

At Lederiet.com you can get all the materials you need for your DIY project. You can create unique items made from high quality materials and create just what you have in mind. Here you will find materials for both knife making, saddlery, furriery and much more. We offer a wide selection of different tools, so you can create beautifully crafted items smoothly. At Lederiet.com you are able to get great tips and tricks on how to make your project, both in terms which materials and tools to choose and on how to give your product unique and decorative details. 

Social, ethical and environmental commitments

We strive to run a healthy business that is not harmful to the planet, people, or animal welfare. When you buy products and materials from us, you can among other things support Inuit seal catchers in Greenland and the Sámi people in Lapland. The tanneries, from which we buy our leather, treat their wastewater responsibly so that is does not harm the environment. Additionally, we mainly sell leather and furs from livestock, so that no part of the animals goes to waste. You can read more about our CSR policy on our CSR page here on our website.

Service and security

At Lederiet.com you can shop safely online. We have secure, easy and fast payment. You also have the option of tracking your package throughout the entire delivery. If you have questions regarding the products, delivery, online shopping or anything else, you can contact us by phone or email. If you have a specific project in mind and you are unsure of which products and tools you need, you are also more than welcome to contact us. Our skilled and competent staff have many years of experience and expertise, and they are always ready to help you with advice and guidance, if you need it.


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