Soft Leather

At you find a wide selection of different types of soft leather that can be used for anything from clothing to furniture, drums and much more. We have soft leather in different qualities, so that you can find what fits your preferences and needs.

Soft leather for any project

Soft leather is a popular material both because of its durability, but particularly also because of its beautiful looks and character. It gets more and more beautiful over time, and age and patina only increase its value. In our web shop, you find soft skin for furniture upholstery, so that you can create unique pieces of furniture with the exact look, you want. We also have a wide range of soft leather for clothing that is suitable for both trousers, skirts as well as wallets and small bags. For clothing you will also find napa leather (often called nappa leather) from calf and lamb, which is known for its incredible softness and its strong durability. Additionally, our wide selection offers soft leather used for lining of bags, purses, wallets etc., so that you can create pieces of clothing that are both beautiful and highly functional.

Soft leather from all over the world

At, you find soft leather from both seals, pigs and hogs, kangaroos, moose, reindeer, lambs and much more. Our domestic hides come from European livestock that has lived a sheltered and protected life, which makes them the most flawless hides. The wild hides are from wild livestock that live in large herds, e.g., in the wilderness of Lapland or in the South American pampas. These hides typically have traces of insect bites and scars, which give them a unique look. All our soft leather come from livestock, whether they have been living in the wild or on a farm, in order to get the most out of the animals and to avoid any part of the animal going to waste when butchered. Additionally, we also have an assortment of leather scraps, which are typically used for smaller items such as small bags, purses and the like.