Metal rings

At we have a wide selection of metal rings in various shapes, sizes and materials that can be used for many different purposes. With our wide selection, you will find metal rings that fit your needs. The rings can be used for everything from bags to jewellery, harnesses, dog collars and much more.

High quality metal rings

Our metal rings are primarily made of iron with a surface finish, which can be in anything from brass, zinc, gun metal etc. In addition to this, the rings can be both open, welded or cast, which makes them perfect for different types of projects and purposes. With their small opening, the open rings are well-suited for bags, harnesses, etc., where the rings need to be attached to a flat strap or band – for example bag straps. For greater durability and sturdiness, you can use our welded or cast metal rings, which through their closed and completely smooth surface ensure a particularly strong robustness.

Metal rings for creative projects

You can use metal rings for many different purposes and DIYs. With a good imagination and lots of creativity, the rings can be used for making home décor, where the metal will add a raw and unique vibe into your home. The rings can also be used for making jewellery, where you can, for instance, use leather cord to tie the rings together, so that they form a chunky necklace. With our D-rings, you can also make a belt, where a girth band may be used as a belt strap, and the D-rings will be added as a practical and decorative belt buckle.

All the listed sizes are the internal dimensions. The sizes of the D-shaped rings are measured on the flat side of the ring.