Leather lace

We offer a wide selection of leather cord, leather lace and leather strings made from high quality in different materials, colours, sizes, and widths. They can be used for many different create projects, where you can create almost anything, you’d like.

Leather cord for creative projects and DIYs

With various braiding techniques, you can create unique and beautiful accessories in a design that fits your personal style. You can, for instance, braid leather strings into bracelets, belts, keychains, straps for wristwatches, and much more. If you are unsure of which braiding techniques to use, our skilled and competent staff is more than happy to help and guide you. At Lederiet.com, you will also find all the tools and decorative items that you will be needing for your creative projects. With our leather cord and leather lace, you can make unique bolo ties and moccasins with your own personal touch, so that your item can stand out. When making your own bag, a beautifully braided leather handle, would serve as a pretty detail that has an exclusive feel to it.