Tools for leather crafting

At you find all the tools you need for making creative projects with leather. Our wide range makes your work with leather smoother and easier, and you can achieve much better results with the right tools and accessories.

Leather decorating tools

We provide tools for leatherworking, so that you can decorate and adorn the leather with beautiful details. Among other things, we have stamps with many different motifs, so you can add your own personal touch and decorate the leather to your liking. With our alphabet stamps, you can make trendy keychains with a name on it or a nice leather apron for yourself or as a gift for family and friends. Items such as luggage tags and notebook covers made from leather can be beautifully decorated with both names and patterns. If you want to make your own bag, belt, phone cover, home décor or other items made from leather, you can find all the tools you need here on our website.

Tools for small and large projects

Whether you are at beginner’s level or have many years of experience in leatherworking, at you will find everything you need for your creative projects. It is not a prerequisite that you have a lot of experience working and crafting leather beforehand. If you are unsure of how to carry out your project and what tools you need, our competent and skilled staff is more than happy to help and guide you. You will also find inspiration in our DIY guides, as well as tutorials with descriptions of which tools you need for your project and a guide on how to execute it.