Colour and care

Our wide selection of leather care and colour includes everything from edge coating, cleaners, brushes, and sponges as well as colours. Our assortment also includes products from our own brand, Leather’s Choice, which offers a wide variety of leather care and colours made from the highest quality and gets sold worldwide.

Leather care and cleaner

With leather care, your leather can stay nice and healthy for many years. You can use our leather grease to maintain your leather goods so that they can stay in good condition. It is well-suited for everything from footwear to belts and furniture. Leather oil, on the other hand, is well-suited for leather that is hard and unyielding and needs a loving hand. Find, for instance, an old and beautiful – but dry leather bag in your local thrift store and give it lots of oil to bring it back to life. You can use our leather cleaner for furniture, shoes, bags, and other leather goods when they need to be refreshed. After the drying time, nourishment is applied in the form of e.g., leather grease. If you want to re-dye your leather goods with leather dye, you should first apply our strong leather cleaner from Leather’s Choice to clean your item before applying the dye.

Leather colour

We also have a wide selection of various types of leather colours that can be applied for different purposes and leather goods. By using our water stain, you can create beautiful and deep tones and shades that can be mixed individually with colours from the same brand. It is also possible to dilute the colours with some water to reduce their intensity. If you need to re-dye a leather item, you can use Quick Color Dye, where you can choose from a large variety of colours. Quick Color Dye can also be applied to paint leather decorations such as carvings and stamps.