Hooks and snaps

At Lederiet.com you will find a wide variety of hooks, carabines, mooring swivels and shackles made from a high quality, in various materials, and in different colours and sizes.  

Hooks and snaps for all purposes

Our hooks are well-suited for holding business cards, bag appendants and other light-weight items, and they are available in various sizes and qualities. You can use our carabines for attaching bag straps, dog leads, keychains and much more. Their quality gives them a high durability, and they are well-suited for many different purposes that require a bit of strength. Just like the carabines, our mooring swivels are also particularly well-suited for dog leads, due to it consisting of to moveable parts that can turn. Our shackles often get used for keychain pendants, bags and closing mechanisms for bracelets, and they serve as both a practical and aesthetic function for your creative projects.