Leather strips

We have leather straps in different colours, sizes, thicknesses and widths, so you can find just the leather strap that fits your needs. Our leather straps are available in various colours such as black, white, cognac, brown and beige, and each piece has its own unique structure, due to them being a natural material.

Leather straps for creative projects

At Lederiet.com we have a wide selection of leather straps that can be used for various creative projects. If you want to make your own bag, a leather strap will serve as a beautiful and exclusive shoulder strap and add an elegant look. You can also use the straps as shelf brackets or for your homemade headboard, where the straps get put around the shelf or headboard and connected at the top and mounted to the wall. This is an easy and simple way to incorporate leather as part of your home décor, and to give your home an exclusive and natural element.

Leather straps made from high quality

All our straps are made from cow hide. The straps from Lederiet.com are from the part of the cow that is known as the shoulders, and our long straps are from the back. Both the shoulders and the back of the hide are the most commonly used types of leather for wallets, bags, belts, etc. Due to leather being a natural material, all our straps have their own individual structure and history. Because of this, you will get a unique and organic product, when incorporating leather into your creative projects.