Saddlery equipment

At you will find all the equipment you need for both saddles and harnesses. We have a wide selection of two- and three-sided halter squares, harness buckles, straps for saddles as well as ornaments such as conchos, bells, etc. All our products are made in a high quality, which ensures durability and high wearing properties.

High quality materials

When it comes to saddles and harnesses, it is essential to use high quality equipment that is both durable and heavy-duty, as it must withstand the stress it is being exposed to when used. The straps used for the girth and stirrups are made from a particularly strong and custom-tanned English leather that can withstand wear and tear. The high quality of our saddlery equipment ensures that you can use them safely and securely without having to worry about your safety when riding.

Decorative accessories for saddles and harnesses

Our wide selection of decorative accessories for both saddles and harnesses includes everything from conchos, bells and various ornaments that serve as pretty and decorative details. Conchos are typically applied for saddles and harnesses with a western design, where they add as a beautiful contrast to the leather. Our two- and three-sided halter squares are first and foremost functional, but they also help create an exclusive look, if you pick the ones in brass or silver.