Buckles for belts

At Lederiet.com you can find belt buckles in both a simple and timeless design as well as motif buckles that are adorned with various symbols and decorations. Whether you are looking for a decorative, elegant or sleek look, you will find a wide range of buckles with various motifs and in different sizes.

Belt buckles with and without motifs

We have a range of buckles with everything from Viking motifs to western and cowboy motifs. Here you can see our assortment and find just the buckle that suits your personal style. There are many different western styled buckles with various motifs and beautiful engravings. Some of our western buckles also come with a matching belt tip and keeper. If you like a simpler design without too many details, then we also have something for you. Small and simple belt buckles in gold and silver can be nicely combined with brown and black leather belts to create a timeless look.

High quality and different sizes 

The materials are of high quality and mainly made from tin, which gives them a strong durability. Lederiet.com also offers a wide selection of belt buckles in stainless steel, which creates a nice finish and ensures that the colour does not chance over time. At Lederiet.com, we also have buckles in many different sizes, widths and colours, so you can find just the buckle, you need. With our belt buckles, you can create your own look and accentuate you personal style.