Cow hide

Here you will find our selection of cow hides for sale. Our cowhide is of the highest quality, which can be both felt and seen to differentiate it from cheaper alternatives. To make sure you get the right cowhide, we have taken pictures of each of them, so you get exactly the cowhide you ordered.

Cowhide rug

Cowhide rug

Our beautiful, unique cowhide is often used as a rug for furnishing the home. A cowhide as a blanket can help give warmth to the home and a cozy atmosphere. Our cowhide can be found in several different sizes under each type, so you can find one that fits both e.g. coffee table or dining table.

Come and see our cowhides in the store before you buy.

All our cowhides are in our warehouse in the store where you can come and see them. If there is a specific cowhide you would like to see, simply tell us when you arrive which from the webshop you want to see, and we will find it for you. You will find the shop here