You can as a company get a special discount when making B2B purchases at Lederiet.com. We supply products for a wide range of undertakings as e.g. the businesses and institutions listed below.


Iværksætter indenfor læderarbejde, skindsyning eller knivmageri.



Start-ups that work with designing og producing products in leather. Fx items such as key rings, place mats, bracelets etc. that get sold through your own webshop or social media.


Læder til produktion af møbler og tøj.



Larger companies that produce furniture and clothing made from leather. We help to supply the right materials made from the highest quality, so that companies can focus on their craftmanship and production. 

Reseller af lædermaterialer, tilbehør og værktøj.



Companies that wish to expand their range of products, or retailers who sell the same types of items as Lederiet.com. Benefit from Lederiet.com's attractive prices and wide range of products.

Produkter til krea-aktiviteter på institutioner.



Kindergartens and after-school centres that use our products and items for creative projects and activities. 

Produkter til kreative fag på skoler.



With a wide range of creative products, schools can purchase items for creative subjects and learning activities. 




Lædermaterialer, værktøj og tilbehør til værksteder i fængsler.



Workshops in prisons, where items get crafted and build with products and tools from Lederiet.com.

Apply for B2B agreement

If you want to use Lederiet.com for your B2B purchases, all you need is a company registration number or EAN number. However, you will first need to be approved to be able to buy products at Lederiet.com with a B2B discount. You can apply by clicking the button below. 

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