At you find a wide variety of genuine lambskin and sheepskin from both Iceland, Gotland, Australia, and England. No matter which colour, pelt length or size you want, here you will find just, what fits your needs and your personal style.

Lambskin and sheepskin from all over the world

The look and different characteristics vary depending on, where in the world the sheep comes from. Our Icelandic sheepskin has for instance a particularly thick pelt due to the harsh and cold weather conditions of Iceland. Our pelt from Gotland is characterised by its soft quality and beautiful grey shades that create a lively look. All our sheepskin and lambskin are certified and sustainable in the sense that all the pelts come from livestock, so that no part of the animal goes to waste. They are both resistant and durable, and they create a nice comfort and lovely warmth. They even have heat regulating properties to ensure at comfortable temperature, which also makes them suitable to use in baby strollers and cribs.

Aesthetic comfort

Besides their functional purposes, our lambskin and sheepskin are also highly aesthetic, and they will add as a beautiful, decorative element in your home. They can be used as a throw for your couch or armchair, so that you can create a cosy and warm feel in your home that fits perfectly to a Scandinavian interior style. The lambskin and sheepskin can also be used for your dining chairs to give you and your family a nice comfort, when sitting together at the dinner table. Additionally, we have a variety of different colours such as black, grey, brown, and white, so that you can find just what fits into your home and your personal interior style. The fluffy look of the pelt creates visual interest and texture in your home, which, in addition to comfort, also create a warm and cosy vibe. The pelt can easily be cleaned by handwash with wool cleaner, but please note that the skin side should be kept dry.