Rivets and ornaments

At Lederiet.com, you find a wide range of rivets and ornaments for anything from shoes, clothing and bags to saddles and much more. Our selection offers both Sam Browne bottoms, copper rivets, eyelets, grommets, upholstery studs, as well as decorative rivets, etc.

Functional and decorative rivets

Our rivets and ornaments make it possible for you to decorate and personalize the project, you are working on. The rivets can for instance be used as decorations for shoes, clothing and bags to give them a cool and edgy look, or you can use our diamond rivets for a more festive and colourful expression. Our Sam Browne bottoms can also serve wonderfully as ornaments for your creative projects. Whether you need rivets for practical or decorative reasons, you can find a wide selection at Lederiet.com. Choose for instance our double-cap rivets or copper rivets if you are working on a project that requires great strength and durability. To attach and fasten the rivets, buttons, eyelets, grommets, etc. you will need different types of tools that are also available here on our website.