Exotic leather and skins

At Lederiet.com we have a wide selection of exotic skins and leather from animals other than calves, lambs, goats and pigs. The skins and leather can be used for many different purposes, and they are available in many different colours. We term these products “exotic” to differentiate them from what we would call normal leather. None of our skins come from endangered species.

Wide selection of exotic skins and leather

We have everything from fish skins such as salmon, stingray, catfish, etc., ostrich leather, as well as reptile skins including skins from frogs, snakes, lizards and crocodiles. None of our skin come from endangered species. Sometimes we have skins in stock that optically resemble skins from endangered species, but these are made from cow hide that has been embossed with various patterns. Due to skins and leather being a natural material, they are all unique and the age-related patina makes them even more beautiful over time.

Create something unique with exotic skins

With our exotic skins and leather, you can make anything from small bags, to wallets, home décor, shoes and much more. The items will get a unique look thanks to the beautiful skins. If you want to make a large bag, you can for instance apply our exotic skins as a pretty detail, for example as a pocket, a bag accessory or something else, to ensure that your bag stands out. Additionally, our skins will add an exclusive and raw touch to your bag, which will make it perfect for both casual and more formal events. If you want to use skins as a decorative detail on shoes or wallets, you can add a piece of exotic skin a visible place, you find suitable.