Horn materials

Laederiet offers a versatile selection of horn materials, which you can use for many purposes. The selection consists of a wide range of different claws and teeth, drinking horns, antlers and tools for dream catchers. The materials can be used for jewellery, handles, other types of decoration and much more. All horn materials are natural materials, which make them appear both personal and unique.

Claws, teeth and beads

The claws and teeth vary widely and they come from buffalos or horses. The canine teeth and the other claws are made from camel bone or artificial resin. Most often, you would use the claws as charms for necklaces or bracelets, where they create a strong and characteristic expression. However, it is only your imagination that sets up the limits for their use. In addition, Laederiet offers pipe beads and distance pieces in genuine bone. Many people use these for jewellery production and other creative projects.

Drinking horns and antlers

In the category horn materials, Laederiet also offers both drinking horns and antlers. The antlers are from reindeer. Their particularly curved antlers characterise them. Also, the age of the reindeer characterises their looks, since the age determines how branched the antlers are. The drinking horns are approximately 40 cm. long and have a rough appearance. Furthermore, they bear the stamp of and reflect history, as many people often connect drinking horns with the Viking Age. Here they used the drinking horns for mead or the like. All horn materials help add some unique and festive additions to your everyday life and help create the exact expression you wish to.