Gift Card

Gift card for Laederiet

At Laederiet you have the option of buying a gift card for your loved ones, if you wish that the receiver of the gift should be able to choose his or her own gift. Gift cards are very useful, no matter if it is for the person, who has everything, or for a creative soul. The receiver can use it to purchase all of our products, both products for creative projects or for finished items.

Give a personal gift with a gift card

You sometimes hear that gift cards are an impersonal gift. However, when you give a gift card for Laederiet, you definitely give a personal gift, because many of our products are unique or can be used for creating something unique and very personal. Something that no one else has. A gift card for Laederiet’s shop is not just for a specific product. It is a possibility to explore and challenge the receiver’s creative abilities and for personalising his or her style. Also, it is a possibility to choose among a very wide selection of high-quality products.

Help for choosing

Are you in doubt whether you should purchase a gift card or another product? Then you are always welcome to contact us via e-mail or phone. Of course, you are also always welcome in our store, where we are ready to help and guide you and answer all of your questions. If you purchase a gift card, the receiver is also very welcome to contact us or to visit our store. Here, he or she can have a look at our selection and have all of his or her questions answered.