Fur for many purposes

Fur for many purposes

Fur is and has always been a sign of luxury, and people have always used it for clothing. Today, we still use it for clothing, both coats, mittens, shoes etc.

Additionally, we also use it in our interior design for decorating and to give warmth. In the interior design, many people use fur to sit or lie on, as it provides warmth and is extremely soft. You can place it on a chair to secure great comfort when sitting down. You can even use it in your car for long car rides. Also, you can place it on your couch or bed, where it is soft to lie on and a beautiful part of your home. In addition, you can place it on the floor as a beautiful carpet. It isolates very well, which makes it not only beautiful, but also practical. It can be used with the fur turned either in or out, depending on the purpose.

Wide selection of beautiful fur

Wide selection

Laederiet has a great selection of beautiful fur from different animals and in many colours. You will find both lambskin, fox skins, sealskin, racoon skin, rabbit skin and much more. Besides from the large pieces of fur, Laederiet also offers fur tails from fox, racoon and mink and also pompoms, mainly from fox. Laederiet’s materials are of very high quality and you can use them for a great number of uses. It creates a beautiful and exclusive expression.

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